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The History Of Imran Khan

The History Of Imran Khan

The History Of Imran Khan

The history of Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan has always been controversial. His two terms as Prime Minister was marred by graft and corruption. He was eventually removed from office and later convicted for tax evasion and sentenced to prison. Despite this, he remains the country’s most popular politician and continues to serve today. What exactly did go down during his time as Prime Minister?

During his time as Prime Minister, there was a deep divide in the cabinet ranks. There were two camps: the moderate wing which included the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), and the right-wing. Sharif’s PPP had many supporters within the country. However, the right-wing faction, led by General Kayani, tried to project itself as the sole party to represent the Pakistani people. Fearing that the PPP might form a government with the left-wing, they kept a tight grip over the political scene.

After his ouster as Prime Minister, there were numerous speculations in the media and amongst the public about who would take over his role. Many assumed that Kayani would remain in his post. However, soon after his appointment, Kayani released a statement saying that he had no plans to step down anytime soon. This caused further unrest as the PPP quickly called for a strike against Kayani’s appointment. The PPP also claimed that the time-line for their government would be set based on the results of the next elections.

Kayani’s government had many struggles to keep its grip on power. The PPP was not only battling against Kayani’s government but they were fighting against corruption within the country’s institutions. Fearing for their lives, the people of Pakistan called upon their military Generals to help them regain their rights. However, this only stirred up more conflict. Adding fuel to the fire, Pakistanis became even more suspicious and skeptical about the involvement of the military in politics, especially after the September 11th attacks.

The PPP finally launched their long-awaited program called “Performant Leadership”. Under this concept, the candidates who gained the most seats in the parliament were selected to form the new government. The new government was to be run according to the principles of ‘Inmanuance of justice and truth’. Unfortunately, this time the process did not go as smooth as the members of the house were not all equally popular among the people. There were disagreements and divisions which greatly harmed the performance of the government.

Eventually, the government collapsed due to a lack of support from the house. The PPP however did not give up easily. They formed a new political party PTI (Punjab Thong English) which is a form of a political party as well as an independent state in Southwestern Pakistan. The first move of PTI was to contest all the upcoming polls conducted under the proportional seat system. Although the party won four out of five seats in the polls, their support was not enough to form the government.

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