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International Relation

Definitions of International Relationship

International relations are the main reason behind the stability and peace in both UK and US. Both these nations are facing different sort of problems but they are working together to resolve them. There is no better feeling for a citizen of a country than that of his nation winning the hearts of people from other countries and that is exactly what is happening in UK and the United States. Every time there is any sort of political turmoil in one of the countries, both countries work together to maintain their tranquility. Today, the scope of international relations has widened beyond economic concerns to include human rights issues, especially in the field of foreign diplomacy.

Importance Of Relationship  In World

It is a well-known fact that the strength of any relationship depends upon the innate chemistry between two countries. This also holds good for the international relationships. Although there are numerous factors responsible for the international relationship the two countries that most often find themselves at the receiving end are the US and UK.

The relationship between the US and UK is unique in its own way. For the US, it maintains a strong relationship with both Asia and Europe. While the UK, they are most interested in the Middle East. The major reason behind this seemingly unfathomable relationship is that they have many things in common.

Both the US and UK are great global citizens. In fact, both of them want to see that their respective countries remain strongly connected to each other. However, despite this desire to remain connected, what is the real significance of the relationship and how can it be leveraged for the benefit of these two countries?

There are many theories that claim that the relationship between the US and UK is essentially about economic interests. Economic interdependence is one of the strong threads that bind both these parties. But beyond this, it is the shared values and beliefs that bind the two countries. So it goes without saying that international relations are essentially about maintaining a political consensus across the parties.

Another thread that unites the US and UK is the universal abhorrence of arms sales to rogue nations. Arms sales are not just a one-way street. The UK and US share a commitment to refrain from selling nuclear weapons to rogue states like Iran or North Korea. The two countries have an important role to play in promoting peace and security in the Middle East and Asia.

The relationship between the UK and the US is mostly centered on issues pertaining to world affairs. However, the two countries work together on a regular basis to counter-terrorism and support humanitarian efforts in war-torn areas. The two countries also maintain substantial defense budgets that allow them to spend on an array of military hardware. In addition to economic interdependence, both parties share a commitment to multilateralism. They are both committed to uphold human rights, maintain strong state security in the wake of terrorist attacks, and stand firmly against nuclear proliferation.

One of the key elements of the international relationship is diplomacy. British Prime Minister David Cameron has made it a point to attend each of the United Nations gatherings. He has also made it a point to speak out on issues ranging from poverty and hunger to human rights abuses around the globe. American President Barack Obama has made global warming and climate change his number one priority. At the recent G8 summit in Japan, Obama and other world leaders made a point to emphasize the importance of the environment to the promotion of economic growth. With the assistance of their respective parlors, both countries have made it clear that they are committed to working towards strengthening their relationship in the coming years.

With respect to the security aspects of the relationship, both sides have made major strides to fortify their defenses after the September 11th attacks. Britain and America have invested billions of pounds in defense programs and partnerships to bolster their defensive capabilities. While Israel has been criticized for its harsh response to the UN Security Council’s resolution condemning the attack, its neighbors have invested billions of dollars into better weaponry and the creation of more Jewish settlements in occupied territories. The growth of the Jewish community in the United States and Europe has contributed significantly to the strength of the relationship.

Scope Of International Relation In World

As far as the world is concerned, every nation has its own relationship with every other nation. The world today sees itself as a part of a bipolar international political world. While taking part in bipolar political struggle, the citizens of many nations simultaneously hate each other due to their own ethnic and cultural backgrounds. But this hatred never ceases. As a result, the relations between nations are affected on the societal, economic, and even on the diplomatic front.

When we want other states to respect us, we have to maintain a good relationship with them. Relationships are a way to build trust, solidarity, and eventually understanding. And there is nothing more important than building relationships with the entire world community including other countries. Today, it seems that the citizens of the USA and UK have lost their faith in the world political system. They consider international politics as a zero-sum game where one nation gains while another nation loses.

The citizens of the world feel that they are cheated. Their political leadership always finds reasons to do nothing about it. Lack of trust is one of the major reasons for this. Lack of trust is directly proportional to lack of understanding. Lack of understanding about world politics is directly proportional to a lack of trust in the international political system. Lack of trust is a direct result of the growing difference between peoples’ expectations from international relationships.

Lack of understanding about the world’s relationship is a major cause of the rise of nationalistic feeling among citizens of various nations. Nationalism is based on a sense of belongingness. It’s a psychological concept which states that members of a group think that they belong to a group or nation. Nationalism is a very powerful force in human history.

In the international political arena, the term “world” itself indicates that political boundaries don’t exist anymore. An international relationship is nothing but a process of uniting various political groups under one flag. It has become a reality because of the internet. It is very easy for anyone from anywhere in the world to communicate with any person who wants to communicate with him through the internet.

Today, international trade is so huge that no political entity can survive without any help from international business. Without the help of international business, there would be no economy. The international political relationship is a key factor behind economic growth.

There have been a number of cases where peace and security were threatened due to the misunderstandings between two countries. Sometimes misunderstanding occurs because of unclear actions. At other times, a misunderstanding occurs because of the unwillingness of one political power to behave properly towards the desires of the other country. International political relations are very complex. However, it is an undeniable fact that peaceful coexistence and economic development can be achieved when proper efforts are made by both parties to understand each other completely. When we look back at the past, we can also see that many great nations of the world were able to successfully develop positive international political relations because they were able to overcome political differences and build a unified entity through massive international cooperation.

The international political relations have helped us learn a lot about our neighbors. We also have gained a lot of knowledge about our self-imposed limitations. Through the understanding of other countries, we have learned to develop respect for others and unity in pride. It was because of international relations that the United States and Europe were able to defeat Hitler’s Germany. It was a result of the international goodwill and coordination among different countries that helped America and Europe come out as strong and united.

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