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Article Hire – A New Option For Job Search Success

A New Option For Job Search Success

Article Hire – A New Option For Job Search Success

The article hire method for job searching is one of the most effective ways that I have found in my many years of looking for work. When I first started searching for a job I would simply use conventional methods of job searching such as word of mouth and contacts within the industry. It did take some effort and the results were not always positive. In fact, it took me several months to finally secure a position that was appropriate for me given my lack of experience.

The following paragraphs will provide information about what I did to secure a position as an article writer. First, I submitted ten to twenty-five articles to established online article directories. These articles were articles that I had written previously for online journals or web pages that I maintained. These writings were considered articles worthy of publication and the directories allowed me to include a bio and a link to my web site at the bottom of the page with a description of what I did for each article. The articles were read and some were selected for publication while others fell through the cracks and did not make it to publication.

I used this method of submission because it was time consuming and the articles required considerable research and skill. Submitting articles via this method required diligence and a commitment to do the work. I felt that I was being fair to myself and my employer by providing these articles because it enabled me to keep my options open and allow them to make the hiring decision to accept or decline my application. I was able to maintain several jobs until I was able to find work from home on the Internet.

Another method I used to try and increase my opportunities for finding work was by sending a resume along with a cover letter to established Human Resource departments. I received several responses but was not able to secure any positions. I believe that these Human Resources departments were not expecting to receive a resume with a generic cover letter and did not look favorably upon the articles I wrote. I believe that this was due to the fact that many Human Resources departments were overwhelmed with the mass of resumes they received during the job market melt down.

I found another way to promote my articles to interested parties by using an article marketing plan. This is another method of job searching that I utilized for a time but found again, could not drum up any positions. I had a very defined article marketing plan that consisted of three key steps: Article writing for web content, Article writing for Ezines and Article marketing for print media. I focused on writing articles for web content and submitting them to several Ezines in key categories that are sought after by employers.

I submitted articles about the keyword phrases that I wanted to market in my area of expertise. In my mind I wanted to position myself as an expert in that area. I wanted to build credibility and then be able to position myself as a leader within my niche. I wanted to be seen as an authority on the topic. Once I gained some credibility I could approach employers or recruiters looking for an expert in my specific area of expertise and convince them that it would be a good fit for their company to have me work as a consultant.


Through my article marketing I was able to create credibility and position myself as someone who had more knowledge and experience on the subject matter I was offering advice on. As my articles began to gain in popularity, I discovered more jobs were opening up in the area of copywriting, product creation, sales and marketing. Suddenly, the headache of promoting those articles was gone and my focus was no longer on sending thousands of articles to article directories. Now I had a time free from the repetitive process of sending articles and waiting for them to get approved. The profits from my time online working as a consultant allowed me to create new products as well as create ad campaigns to promote those products.

Article marketing is the premier method for job search success. I hope that I have provided you with another viable option for your job search. Just remember to utilize your resources. If you are having trouble finding a job, think about writing more articles. You will get more done in less time and have a better chance of finding employment faster. Good Luck!

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